About us

What is CamperCalling?

CamperCalling is a social initiative for marginalized groups in Europe, carried out by two young families who travel with campervans. We want to stand by these vulnerable people and let them know they are valuable.

This means that we work on different projects, through which we visit people who live on the edge of European society to help them wherever we can. For example, with a listening ear, a hot meal or first aid.

Where do we work?

The big advantage of our traveling community is our mobility; it is easy to travel to the places where we can be of value. Right now we are working on Project Caesura and traveling to different places where we want to visit refugees.

The families behind the initiative

The family Platschorre and family Van den Bosch traveled through Europe in campervans for seven months in 2015 and wound up on Lesbos where they worked in a refugee camp during a peek in the refugee crisis for two and a half months. When they got back to The Netherlands, where they both welcomed two children in a three year period, their experience on Lesbos kept a hold on them. From this point CamperCalling was started; the desire to enter Europe with a serving attitude.

Vivian is enthusiastic and passionate. With a background in psychology and mental healthcare, she is committed to helping vulnerable people while also being an incredible mother.

Patrick is driven and a visionary. With a background in psychology and the immigration process, Patrick wants to go to the extreme to make a difference.


Shanna is social and creative. With a background in journalism and an NGO, she loves to listen to people’s stories; to help them and to give them a voice.

Sebas is analytical and supporting. With a broad background in services, Sebas is able to support people with words and actions and help them on their journey.

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CamperCalling is een sociaal initiatief onder de vleugels van Stichting Kruislinks