help mee!

Our initiative cannot succeed without the support of people who believe in CamperCalling.
We are very thankful to everyone who stands by us! Do you also want to help? Here are the ways in which you can support us:


We believe in the power of prayer. Please support us in prayer.

Financial support

CamperCalling depends on donations. Supporting CamperCalling financially is possible incidentally and structurally. Every amount is welcome and valuable to the people we help.

Share an idea

Our strength is our mobility in our campervans, so we can serve in different places in different ways. Let us know if you have a good idea or know a place where we can be meaningful.

Financial support


We can receive donations via foundation Kruislinks. Transfer your donations to:

IBAN: NL78INGB0008444697

with the description ‘CamperCalling’.

You can support us structurally by making your donation a recurring payment in your online bank environment.

+316 3636 2992

IBAN: NL78INGB0008444697 o.v.v. 'CamperCalling'.
CamperCalling is een sociaal initiatief onder de vleugels van Stichting Kruislinks