Through different projects, we bring our vision into practice, which drives us to stand by the people who live on the edge of European society.
Below you will see what we are currently working on and what you can do to help.

Project Caesura

A place of rest for the refugee

Project Caesura

Since the refugee-crisis in 2015, as a result of European policy, large streams of refugees started forming in Europe. Especially the Dublin II regulation made large groups travel through Europe unregistered. Not only have situations arisen that are tragic and degrading, people have been reduced to a problem that can be tossed aside.

We want to offer a place of rest in the refugee’s story. A place focused on the rest of their journey, where they can catch their breath. We will do this in a small, mobile camp with friendly faces, some food and beverages, WiFi and first aid. Like this, we hope to give people back their self-worth by meeting them face to face without alternative objectives or policies that have to be carried out.

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